Template Versus Custom Child Care Web Design

In today’s blog, we are answering some common questions related to choosing template versus custom child care website design.  We do create websites both based on our pre-designed templates as well as 100% custom child care websites.

I like a template but I want different photos. Does this require a custom design?

No, we don’t charge an additional fee to change out any stock images on our template designs that don’t apply to your specific audience. For example, if the template shows images of school-age children and you only care for babies & toddlers, we can change out those stock photos if they appear on the template you like.

What is the benefit to going custom?

Having us create a custom child care theme allows you to provide complete design direction on what you want to see in terms of colors, style, graphics, content sections, photos, etc.  We send you a questionnaire that allows you to provide all of your input and we design the unique theme around your preferences.  See image below of a recent custom child care website design for Fun Farm Centers.

Can I choose my own pages or do I have to use the titles shown on the templates?

Yes, you choose your own page titles whether you choose template or custom.  Every one of our website setup packages allows you to choose your own page titles. See website example below of a website based on our Academic Success theme.

What if I don’t have content for all of the pages I want?

We have generic content for common pages like About, Programs, Enrollment, Curriculum, etc.  We can use this content to fill-in where you need help getting your website pages complete and launched.

If we can answer any additional questions for you about our websites, please get in touch with us!

Custom Child Care Website Design

Custom Child Care Website Design

Child Care Website Template Design

Child Care Website Template Design